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Calteaux & Partners is divided into four departments, each
specialising in a particular branch of law. These departments are:

• Property Law,
Conveyancing and Notarial

• Commercial Law, Family Law and Litigation
• Deceased Estates

Legal Services
We provide a wide range of services in each of these fields and our specialist attorneys will be there to help you through every step of the process. For a full list of our services, please see below.

  Property Law

The Property Law division is managed by Annette Horwitz. The department is especially known for working with sectional title law and has a reputation for being one of the best in this highly specialised field. We work closely with developers from the purchase of the land to the sale of the properties.

Our Property Law department is be involved in the town planning and development process. We also assist with drawing up agreements that a developer needs, including:

Agents’ mandates
• Sales Agreements
• Lease agreements
for commercial, industrial and residential
Rules governing the body corporate/property owners’ association.

We also provide training for estate agents and can assist in establishing the entity that governs a community of owners
(body corporate/property owners’ association).

As part of our Property Law services we also mediate the resolution of disputes between the association and the owner.

We also settle sectional title issues and regularly act for a party in an arbitration or as an arbitrator.


  Conveyancing and Notarial

Our conveyancing department is managed by Roeleen Esra is able to handle every aspect of the conveyancing process. We work hand in hand with the Property Law division at Calteaux & Partners. We will:

• Assist in creating property transfer documents
• Assist with various registration processes and complience with Deeds
   Office requirements.
• Execute all requirements of the town planning process
• Create certificates of registered title that comply with a City Council’s
• Effect the transfer of a property to an end purchaser


We are on the mortgage bond panel of FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank.

Calteaux & Partners has two notaries public.
We undertake the execution of all notarial documentation. This includes servitudes, ante-nuptial contracts, notarial cessions and general notarial services.

  Commercial Law, Family Law and Litigation

Our Commercial Law, Family Law and Litigation department is managed by Natalie Bailey. Our Commercial Law department specialises in:

• Drafting contracts
• Commercial Litigation
• Drafting company documents and agreements

• Memorandum of Incorporation
• Shareholders’ Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Association Agreements

Our Family Law department specialises in:

Divorce cases,
Custody disputes,
Children’s Rights law and
• Drawing up ante-nuptial contracts.

Our Litigation department undertakes civil and criminal litigation as well as collections.
  Deceased Estates

Our Deceased Estates department specialises in:
• Drafting wills
Estate planning
• Registering trusts
• Administering deceased estates